Open letter for the good of humanity...




There can be no heaven without God.

Critical analysis and integration proposal to the project "Resource-Based Economy RBE" presented in the documentary, "Paradise or the self-destruction" produced
by the "Venus Project" by Jacque Fresco

edited by the architect Piero Franco Spaticchia
(Alias Friar Sole.Sicily, contemplative in the city of men, mystics of the 3rd millennium).

Group against of the world degeneration process

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I'm an architect from Sicily, at the center between Europe and the Middle-Eastern basin of the Mediterranean, with the present open letter, I would like to offer the team to Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meddows, but also to the global community who care about the fate of the planet and the desire to ensure the well-being and the abundance for all, a positive criticism, possibly supplementary to the Model of Economic Development Based on Resources - RBE (Resource Based Economy) which is the result of the work of over 75 years, led by its 'social engineer, futurist, inventor and industrial designer Jacque Fresco, as presented in his documentary, "Paradise or
As the author claims, in fact: "it is an updated model of the current knowledge that, starting from the causes and from symptoms of the distortion of the values determined by the system in which we live, promotes a new socio-economic system capable of overcoming the outdated methods and the inefficient political, legislative and economic system or any other institutionalized structure for the management of the society."


- Introduction.


Thanks to the use of the scientific method, combined with daily technology, the Research Centre of approximately 8.7 acres located in Venus, Florida, the team of the Venus Project, the organization of Jacque Fresco, who works at the RBE Model , proposes a feasible plan of action for social and economic change, oriented to the realization of a peaceful and sustainable global civilization, equity and solidarity:
"it is an alternative towards which to direct the resources and the intelligence of the planet that human rights are no longer only in the United proclamations made only on paper, but a real and concrete way of life on a planetary level."

As shown in the documentary, The Venus Project, based on its long research and experimentation, has developed a model capable of implementing a holistic and rational approach, along with the implementation of suitable cultural values, and social relationships, to maintain a dynamic equilibrium with the planet, able to eliminate the risk of "self-destruction" in favor of the creation of a complex system (natural and technological), paradisiac, which causes a lasting benefit to human civilization, providing not only the needs of every human being on Earth, but also offering plenty for everyone.

They declare that the RBE model proposed, is not based on the opinions of the political and financial elite, or illusory democracies, but result both in the intentions which in the fact, a real and effective alternative, scientifically supported and sustained technologically, to todays social reality which is money-based, controlled and directed towards the "fictitious shortage".
It is - to say - a socio-economic system in which all goods and services are available to all "without the use of money, barter, credit, debt or servitude of any kind." All this would be based on the balance and the equal sharing between production and distribution, among are in "abundance" and those who live in the "scarcity", between natural resources and new technology. And so, through the promotion of the culture to benefit and enjoy collectively rather than that of privately owning, thus eliminating the need to accumulate and being able to live in freedom and in full independence.
As is clear from the documentary, "The Venus Project presents a bold new direction for humanity that entails the total redesign of our culture, our way of being and doing." The ing. Jacque Fresco and his colleagues say:
"do not elaborate science fiction, do not predict what you will do, but only what could be done."
They, in conclusion, say: "The responsibility of our future is in our hands, and depends on the decisions we make today. The greatest resource that is available today is our own ingenuity."

Ing. Jacque Fresco
- Premise.

While considering positively what has been produced in 75 years of research by the Venus Project and also greatly appreciating the fact that it:

  • proceeds from a vision other and more than human existence;

  • is located and expresses strength and energy from a strong ideal of social harmony and of the individual well-being widespread equally among all the inhabitants of the Planet;

  • is supported by the practical demonstration and  through applied scientific research and the use of advanced technology;

  • demonstrates the inadequacy of existing political-institutional and socio-economic support to the fate of the planet to eliminate the risk of "self-destruction" and offers a valid alternative way to lead the world towards the realization of the universal common good through the creation of a sort of "earthly paradise" where abundance is guaranteed to all without distinction,

However, I would like to highlight below, the ones that, in my opinion, are the critical issues because of which this very important project, may not be able to be shared to many, like me (over 6 billion, out of 6.7 billion of the total population of the planet), manifest a religious need and it proceeds from a transcendental vision of the human being, giving value to the relationship: MAN-NATURE-ENVIRONMENT= CREATION.
Certainly the critical aspects that I am going to tell you (with a very positive and proactive spirit and also very collaborative and possibly supplementary) are very small compared to the entire system of your Project (discovered by accident) for which I hope, and I wish that it will spread more and more the level of knowledge in the world and, likewise, can increase sharing until reaching, in the near future (I hope not far), to its desirable realization.

- Problems, Positivity / Weaknesses and additional Proposals.

Through critical analysis and evaluation of the positive aspect referred to the weaknesses identified, what emerges, basically, is, as already said, the need for integration of your project with the religious requirement expressed by the human being, both from the point of view of values and that of the infrastructure.  I am convinced, in fact, that within the inescapable, multi-religious, multi-ethnic and multicultural character  the current world population and, willy-nilly, even in the future, your proposal for the formation of ... "Civilization of Venus", if you integrate with instances that I propose, may make possible the realization of that humanism in which science, technology, religions and "philosophy" can coexist and live together in acceptance and mutual respect, for the benefit and development of humanity.
Put conversely, as the ultimate goal of humanity, only the realization oft he holistic harmony between body, mind, habitat and cosmos, I think I understan to be the main premise of your project also from the superstructural point of view, thinking that it can be made possible only through the progressive change of the existing cultural models, in favor of an alternative, which is able to eliminate the inharmonies, the contradictions and the negativity of the current one only with a good education given and with the abundant satisfaction of the immanent needs of man, is a huge error of perspective that would limit access to the system for the vast part of the world population favoring only an elite.
I think, and I am definitely not the only one, that the "religious needs", in man, is not induced by the cultures, by the fashions, from the dominant thought, but from a ancestral, atavistic, non alienable need, because it is linked to the very nature of the human person and inscribed in the human soul under the form of need of the absolute, of other, beyond, of eternal.

- Criticality.

In my humble opinion, based on my experience and knowledge of anthropological phenomena that are the basis of our current way of life, I am convinced that the human being in general, over time, has lost sight for the real reason that binds him, in terms of membership, to the environment, to the society, to the culture and to the rules of the concrete reality in which lives his entire existence.
Driven by the need for survival and affirmation of the self he has developed a strong individualistic component that drives him to prefer, selfishly, the satisfaction of his own needs and those of his family, to all the other community needs, national, continental and universal. 
He has substituted its own sensitivity and his own taste with the voracity, greed, greed, the need to have more and more, and never be satisfied. To achieve his objectives, limited in time and space, he is unable to see beyond the moment and does not have a project for the future, to nurture the ideals, to realize the dreams. He knows no limits; he is capable of anything and joins forces with anyone in order to achieve his objective linked to the 5 "S": money, sex, success, leadership, health understood as the search for eternal youth (the elixir of life). 
replaced the feelings and affections with the passions, with the cynicism and the selfish enjoyment as an end to itself. He has enslaved his intelligence and his resources to the interests and desires that he conceives and nourishes in restricted and reserved form excluding the general interests and the needs of other living beings that inhabit the entire ecosystem.
Man has expelled God in favor of exaltation and glorification of one's ego.

It is 'just this species of man, which today appears to be between the interlocutors of your project, nobly animated by the enlightened desire to cause it to change habits, interests, needs, lifestyle, but also model political, economic and social model of reference. An arduous task that seems you want to make possible by offering as an "inducement", only the freedom to act and to live his own life experience:

  • without chasing money (because it  no longer is needed for the purchase of goods and services that would be offered in abundance free);

  • without cultivating the desire to possess (because the use of the things that are necessary for their standard of living would not be denied by the System over time and the same, not needed, certainly, in eternity);

  • without manifesting the need to accumulate (because everyone would have plenty of everything they want, for as long as necessary, without fear of remaining private at any time);

  • without having to make more sacrifices (the time of work offered, not having a remuneration as consideration, but participation in the enjoyment of goods and the services distributed free and in an equitable manner from the System, every man would be enfranchised from the taxes, from utility bills of light , gas, water, telephone, from the various services, without being under the thumb of currency and financial  speculation, and from debt and from servitude), with the possibility, on the contrary, to be able to express more freely their own way of being, their aspirations, their creativity and their own estrus in scientific research and technological activities, in the arts, literature, games and sports; to facilitate the achievement, at the existential level, from the harmony between body and mind, between action and thought, between nature, the environment and the cosmos. All fundamental incentives for the shift from an existing system to the alternative you propose,

but ... in no part of your observed project, unfortunately, is stated, as I said above, of the right  to exercise religious function, deposited by birth in the heart of more than 6 billion people, and the ontological necessity of our soul to relate to the value of the Spirit and of the Absolute.

- Forgetfulness, neglect, omission, or voluntary exclusion?

Whatever is the possible answer, I continue to support to the claim that no human action, suppressing the natural religious needs, will be able to order the permanent relationship between one's being and the becoming. For us Christians, for example, the new man, is a man unified in his body and soul components through the Holy Spirit, in Jesus Christ, to the praise and glory of God the Father. He is a man from vocation to the triumph of goodness and the love for the realization of the plenary Humanism: "the whole man in all men" (Paul VI), without any exclusion.
"Maritain spoke of "integral humanism",
thinking of the harmony between the natural values and the supernatural values, at odds with the secular naturalism and a fideist supernaturalism. " While with the term "humanism plenary", Paul VI, emphasized both the attainment of fullness within the person through educational development (a development that also implies harmony) of all abilities and size of man, both the extension of human goods to all men, at the global level, so as you too propose.
It would, therefore mean for your project, to broaden the perspective through which the values of science, technology and the search for harmony, in the new model of civilization, are found not to be only "like technicalities and formal rationality and not only harmonize with those of the creativity and freedom both at macro-and micro-social level and world" but to respect and not exclude, the need for "symbolic and prophetic witness" (Paul VI), "I come to gather all nations and tongues, they shall come and shall see my glory" (Is 66, 18); "People will come from east and west, from north and south, and will recline in the kingdom of God" (Lc 13, 29).

- How you can think of "paradise" without God?

Of the 6.7 billion people in the world: 2.1 billion are Christians, 1.5 billion Muslims, 14 million Jews, 1 billion Hindus, 576 million Buddhists, Taoists 400 million, 237 million the Confucians; 405 million practicing tribal and animist cults ( It is a substantial and determinant reality with which, any project of the social planetary alternative and of the new civilizations, does not exclude, beforehand, necessarily to rely on someone and search for the most suitable solutions.
Of course the opposite is also true: how is it possible that a world with the overwhelming presence of believers did nothing or little to prevent the "self-destruction" of the planet through wars, poverty, hunger, pollution, the debt and the unnecessary human suffering?... I could add to what I said and that is more thorough in your excellent analysis about the "self-destructive" process of the planet, with regard to the responsibilities of the religious component of the global population, that in it:

  • the divisions have prevailed on the unity of purpose to lead humanity to achieve the conditions of well-being for all;

  • the social-economic and cultural models adopted in time managed to extinguish the ardor for the service for the most vulnerable and have facilitated the approval to the various dominant systems;

  • God has been more proclaimed and announced, but not testified.

All things possible and verifiable in practice, but we must also say that the new generations of believers, more educated, more prepared and more emancipated, have expressed the need to create a dialogue between the different religions and have, in fact, collaboration models experienced both socially and culturally  in different parts of the world.
The already mentioned multiethnic, multireligious and multicultural orientation of the current social fabric, thanks also to the emancipated and enlightened interreligious dialogue, I am convinced, will reserve a lot of surprises in store for those who today believe they can undo, over the next 20-30 years, the religions, trusting in science, in technology, in the benevolence and in trying to engender a simple harmony between people and the cosmos, based only on the simple well-being and the freedom of action. Nature and man were created by God for a reason higher than the simple transient. The believers, good and honest, mystics, contemplatives and fervent religious people, are there in all religions, they exist and will continue to exist until the end of the world.
What matters and I what I insist to take the liberty of asking for the prospects of realization of your project: "Venus Paradise", is that this heritage is not ignored and is not excluded but, on the contrary, that it is involved in a ecumenical, universal palingenesis, that transforms the individual, the institutions, the society, the economy, and the civilization, from the reality of struggle and suffering, in the reality of peace and prosperity for all.

- Man considered in its entirety ...

The other important reason, that I put in support of my thesis is that any alternative development model to the existing one, must necessarily involve MAN (Homo) in its entirety, and not only in order to satisfy their material needs and immanent: "basic needs, of the safety, psychological, esteem and competence of self" (american psychologist A. H. Maslow). In my opinion, to these needs of nature, so to speak, structural and infrastructural, must be added those superstructural, between the human being and the transcendent; this is what Johannes B. Lotz defines: " proceed extra himself ", out of himself, for realize "a synthetic unity between real and ideal, between particular and universal," between the place and the ground of being.
The human soul endowed with intellect, memory, will, spirit and consciousness, can not do without warn ing the link between the immanent reality and the transcendent reality, in the pursuit of maximum satisfaction of his needs, both from the point of view of the existential and the spiritual and puts what is useful and positive, between categories: good, fair, beautiful = true.

While among non-believers, this relationship is generally questioned, all who profess their faith in God should consider critical to achieving not only the harmony, but also the joy, the happiness and the true meaning, transcendent, of life. In this case, "the incentive", to which Jacque Fresco refers, what motivates a person to do well, to do more and to do better also for the sake of others, would not be motivated and sustained only by a generic "benevolence " or from the deamicisiano philanthropy, but by the "agape" (caritas, boundless love, free, nonprofit, fraternal, universal).

- Agape: origin and end for a new civilization.

In this context, consider holistically the human person as the recipient only of a life project harmonious able to restore dignity, freedom, peace and universal well-being, limited to the immanent dimension, where the sensitive receptors beneficiaries would be only the body and mind, may be totally unsatisfactory and may render ineffective the revolutionary nature of the Venus Project.
The Enlightenment dream before, after a positivist one and all the currents of thought that have followed over the past three centuries, to exclude God from the "CITY OF MEN" is the basis of the current collapse of certainties, of the loss of sense, of the existential emptiness, of the inner loneliness, of the anguish as evil of life, of the nihilism, of the relativism, of all the harmful ideologies that proclaim the their truth, rejecting, fighting and trying to subdue to itself all the other truths .
In these three centuries, the countless types of responses offered to the population of the planet, to eliminate illusorily all evil and to satisfy all the needs led man to deify himself and idolize his ability, its many truths, its discoveries and progress in every field, favoring the development of a mind oriented to self-sufficiency, self-determination and self-aggrandizement of his own person and of his own philosophy of life at the expense of his own nature as beings created by God, to the renunciation of their own specific identity as free men and women, always loved, called to the exercise of loving / to love and destined for eternal happiness.
History teaches that anyone who has dared to exclude God from the company or by his conscience, over the centuries, has produced only dictatorships, wars, oppression, genocide, persecution, discrimination, oppression, corruption, perversion, hatred, jealousy, strife, greed, exploitation, voracious and ravenous inhumanity. Entrust a new development model by providing only the answers to the material needs of the house, of food, of clothes, of the creative occupation of free time, of the intelligent use of resources and of their equitable redistribution for the realization of widespread prosperity for all ("from scarcity to abundance"), without looking at the soul and the spirit of the human being, in my opinion, is not enough. And it will be so difficult, if not impossible, to create the conditions for a new planetary civilization who wants to be fair and equitable based only on harmony and benevolence.

- Conclusion of the critical analysis.

We Christians, but not only, believe that the universe was created by a omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent God, through His Light (the Idea, with which he conceived the Kosmos, the Firmament, order, perfection and harmony of Creation), through His Will (highest good), with Justice (what is right), with Wisdom (which is truth), with Providence (which is necessary and useful at all), with Peace (which is concord), with the Mercy (which is forgiveness), with Love (which is joy and happiness without limits and without boundaries, a-spatial and a-temporal, that which IS...). The Kaos was produced by the man who chose evil (mystery of iniquity - 2 Thes 2:7) and not from God (even though He tolerates it by virtue of the "free will", except for the effects of their heterogenesis of ends, until the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.)
By virtue of this, as believers, we believe that we cannot re-establish the Kosmos if we exclude God.

"Without a doubt man can arrange the land without God, but "without God in the end he cannot organize it against man. The exclusive humanism is an inhuman humanism."
(H. De Lubac, Le drame de l'humanisme athée)".

Man does not realize himself other than by transcending. According to the so correct expression of Pascal: "Man infinitely surpasses man" (Pensèè n. 434 )”.

- Positive aspects and weak aspects identified in your project.

Positive aspects

Weak aspects

The Venus Project is the project of global social alternative, more advanced, more rational and more scientifically and technologically experimen-ted that it is known, capable of dealing in a global and interdisciplinary complexity the dynamics of the systems. "It proposes a feasible plan of action for social and economic change, aimed at creating a peaceful and sustainable global civilization, equity and solidarity that human rights are no longer only in the United proclamations made only on paper but a way of life real and concrete at the planetary level."

It is likely to become a widespread aggregation of "resort" to the extent that it is designed with an ideal of aleatory "world order" that excludes the reasons of the soul and the needs of the spirit of more than 6 billion out of 6.7 billion believers of the entire population of the planet.

It is demonstrated experimentally, with the design and construction of scale models of urban-territorial vast area, an architectural scale, to socio-economic ladder, to the political-institutional scale and to the cultural scale that it is possible to realize a social alternative, a resource-based economy, defined by its designer himself: RBE (Resource Based Economy). It is a complex and paradisiac system, which causes a genuine and lasting benefit to human civilization, providing a response to the needs of every human being on Earth, but also offering abundance free to all.

It does not consider the inhabited earth as a human multicultural, multiethnic and multi-religious reality, but treats all human beings as living beings destined to become members of a generic and indistinct "civilization" that would put at the base of their own culture and their own peaceful coexistence, holistic unifying values based only on the search for harmony between body and mind; between living beings, the environment and the cosmos, in the shared respect for the ecosystem and for the social and economic balance of the world. This would be an immanent reality that excludes the transcendent.

It is proposed to remove money, barter, credit, debt, servitude, the concept of private property and the need for accumulation. To overcome the logic of the current political-institutional structures, economic and financial factors considered the root cause of the crisis, imbalance, speculative land use, environmental degradation, inequitable distribution of resources, spread of injustice and unnecessary sacrifices and privations imposed on citizens.

The timing, method and procedures are not specified for the implementation of the Venus Project in the 5 continents. It is not clear who should govern and how the system of coordination and management of the new economy based on abundant and free distribution of resources.

From the point of view of the urban and environmental planning it creates a harmonious and balanced ecosystem between architecture and nature, on a human scale, with types of environmentally friendly and sustainable development, to high-tech, also with regard to the exploitation of natural energy resources: solar, wind, marine and biochemical and to ensure high standard of living for citizens.

Are these places "confined" or disseminated aggregates? In which way would they integrate with existing ones: London, Rome, Paris, New York, etc..?

From the point of view of the housing aggregate there is a proper consideration of the functional relationship between the various architectural contexts: places for residence, for socializing, for leisure and for entertainment, for supply of the products, for the study, for education and research.

It ignores or excludes the believers to regard the exercise of their faith is not being provided, to our knowledge, regarding the places for the meetings and the exercise of religious practices.

You want to create a whole new world order.

How do you intend to defend and oppose the "New World Order", pursued with the aim of total domination of the planet by the powerful financial groups that currently operating in the world?

It promotes a new socio-economic system that can overcome the dated and inefficient methods of the current political, legislative and economic system, or any other institutionalized structure for the management of the society.

Which government of the peoples, of the nations, of the continents should govern the equitable sharing and the distribution of the goods and of the resources? Who should assign the leadership roles and based on what criteria it would effect the recruitment of professional, of entrepreneurs, for the work to competently perform and be aware of the necessary productive, social, political, institutional and entrepreneurial activities?

The Venus Project presents a bold new direction for humanity that entails the total redesign of our culture using the greatest resource that is available today, namely, our own ingenuity.

The idea of a technocratic government, in which there would be those who design and those who govern and those who you should leave to subdue the project, could give rise to a form of oligarchy, with many limitations in meeting the common good in a fair manner; Aristotle himself considered it a form of degeneration of the Aristocracy.

The project calls into question the very nature of what it means to be human, what it means to be a member of a "civilization" and the choices we can make today to ensure a prosperous future for the entire world population.

Excluding over 6 billion believers, would be destined to become an elitist proposal, for a select  or enlightened few, inspired to Humanitas, such benevolence, very dear to the Masons, where man is a sacred thing for man: "human humans res sacra ", excluding the concept of universal Love, of plenary humanism.

Its inventor, Jacque Fresco, by virtue of a great ideal, has dedicated his entire existence to the service of humanity to progress, justice, peace, freedom, universal well-being. Like Leonardo da Vinci, engineer, architect, artist, inventor, scientist, essayist and genius, he, through his projects and his discoveries, verified by the method of experimental science, is anticipating the times; like Christopher Columbus indicates all 'humanity a new horizon for the good of all the peoples of the Earth, like Noah, trying to build an' ark to save the living species, this time, from "self-destruction" so that we can build a new civilization: "Paradise" on earth.

It would, be however, a Paradise without God, based only on the benevolence to achieve well-being for all, regardless of any eschatological perspective.
For Christians, however, the "Paradise on Earth", before being a physical place is a condition of the soul. When the soul is freed from the forms of slavery that make it a prisoner of evil, it lives in the bright, joyful and peaceful dimension of the Holy Spirit, over time the experiences of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, tasted again the original experience of the earthly Paradise where happiness is the result of the friendship with God, the Father and Creator.
The city of men that Christian believers imagine can be reached in this world, able to guarantee the
good for all indistinctly, if it is born before inwardly, as a motion brought by the Spirit, may take any physical and political-institutional form, because the man who will live there and be the guide, will be really a NEW MAN, risen in the Christ, capable of loving the environment, nature and all living beings, and to donate to others so that no one is excluded from the joy and the happiness in time and eternity.

- Proposal of integration to your Project.

"The City of the Man of Venus" by Jacque Fresco, for the reasons set out extensively in above, would represent an ideal model for Christian believers, provided that the same could be achieved as the "City of Peace and of Love", physical place of meeting and dialogue between different cultures and different religions, where to promote and realize the plenary Humanism, the "earthly Paradise."

What a joy, what a grace, if in your project would be opened the doors of the access also to the religious needs of the human being.

This project is valuable to humanity, it can no longer remain known only to a few as a simple acknowledgment, but I think the time has come because in so that the mere knowledge you have to go to the awareness that you can not wait any longer, that we can no longer postpone something that already should have been implemented long ago. I believe that the time has come for it to be spread not only through the Internet but also through other necessary and appropriate means and tools that are precisely the subject of this proposal.
I realize that now, in many nations, just as you can see on your website, there are many enthusiastic members, but I think that the RBE Project is to also follow another public official path, so to speak: "political-institutional intercontinental " in order to reach a the level of diffusion, the legitimacy, the welcome and the proper recognition by the United Nations which is the most important and most participatory intergovernmental organization in the world, where are represented there were 193 out of a total of 202 countries. Article 71 of the Constitutional Charter of the UN, in fact, expects its Economic and Social Council may refer to the international non-governmental organizations, NGOs (non-governmental organization) that carry out activities which fall within its competence. These are organizations independent of governments and their policies, such as non-profit (non-profit) associations, to provide ideas, suggestions and partnerships for global development cooperation of the countries most socially and economically backward. They bring forward socio-political instances neglected or ignored by governments to the increase in well-being, respect for human rights, for the preservation, protection and enhancement of the environment considered as a resource; not affiliated with any political party but act democratically as groups of proposal or lead its development programs against the "scarcity" in favor of "abundance", to put it as Jacque Fresco.

Since the NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations) are for development cooperation, of the free association created by private citizens to help solve the problems of underdevelopment, of inequalities, and global imbalances between those who have much and those who have little, why not create through the Venus Project, a non-governmental intercontinental association to carry forward the instances of the RBE project to be implemented in these stages: dissemination, awareness, radicalization, legitimization, sharing and realization?
To this end I would like to formulate the following, assumptions and methods of intervention which, in my judgment, in three successive stages, could make it viable and therefore possible to move from the current system to a mixed system (both traditional and alternative ), until, subsequently, will be reached a prevalent affirmation throughout the world, of the alternative system RBE.

- Potential obstacles to the realization of the project.

Before proceeding to the proposal, it is necessary, however, a reflection on the fact that, at present, a narrow oligarchy, which currently holds the world financial-political power, even in the future, surely will continue to look to subordinate their own interests to the detriment of those shared by the entire population of the planet.
And they will continue to manage the privileged access to raw materials, foodstuffs, scientific patents, in the areas of communication and those that regulate the economic activities of emerging countries, whose governments or influential people of the institutions, very often, grant them, with much ease, favors, protections and covers.

Just to get an idea about the current economic-financial scenary, as an alternative to which whatever social-economic system would oppose, including, therefore, also the Venus Project, "according to the data obtained from a survey of the magazine 'Forbes', in 2007, the number of super-rich were 946, possessing assets worth more than a billion. The sum of the assets of these super-rich amounted to 3.5 trillion U.S. dollars, when, in 2006, the entire economic output of countries such as Germany or Italy had reached, respectively, a value of 2.6 and of 1.8 trillion dollars. "
"According to the World Health Report of Merrill-Lynch, in 2010, 11 million people (0.2% of the world population), called HNWIs (High Net Worth Individuals) had an investable assets of at least one million dollars (about 700 thousand euro). Less than 1% of them, then, is an "ultra-HNWIs", ie a "super rich" with assets of at least 30 million euro, 22 million euro. "

We are talking about a type of the transnational finance " that is one of the powers that determines the current world crisis. The speculative operations no longer have any connection with the real economy, and are able to influence governments, dropping the costs of the crisis on all citizens. The financial market is developed independently from the real economic growth, of the creation of wealth and employment. " Governments are powerless or complicit, and this is increasingly true and verifiable especially in the indebted nations, this condition of dependence from a financial-economic system able to control governments, to set aside the sovereignty of States and greatly affect the determination of the democratic representation of the people of the nations, with the consequent imposition of sacrifices and sufferings to 98% of the population of the planet, with the austerity policies driven, cannot be more sustainable.
Man is born to be happy. His right for the lasting joy cannot be alienated by anyone in the world, for any reason. We need a new "culture of economic democracy; a particular form of charity as a manner of the alternative economical participatory, to ensure that the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is replaced, little by little, from the Qrdv (Real Quality of Life). "
Since I discovered the Venus Project, which proposes a model of economic development based on "more advanced, more rational and scientifically and technologically experienced resources " that is known, I am convinced that it can awaken, in 98% of the world population, the great ideal of change that one carries in his heart. The Project RBE, starting from today in history, can nurture in young people, in families, in nations forced to live in "scarcity", the hope for a better world; and can feed into them, finally, the dream of living in a society that recognizes in every human being the value of their own dignity, ensuring to all the work and the widespread prosperity, "not only in the constitutions of the states" but in the concrete experience of everyday life.
The division on this shared need in terms of common purpose among those who want to achieve the goal of an alternative system inspired by the Humanitas (as benevolence) and those who do not want are excluded in the principles of the "Universal love " and "Plenary humanism", that are at the very base of this instance, is absurd. And this could limit the scope and effectiveness of the Project RBE favoring the imposing excessive power of the empire of finance, which is the root cause that made this perverse system, false, corrupt and fratricide.
I hope, however, that you may receive kindly the present instance, by overcoming what i consider the only limit of your project.
Turning to the proposal, I believe that the targeted action to its possible realization in the world, could proceed, as mentioned above, through three phases, so to speak preparatory to its implementation as a system gradually alternative to the current system.

Phase I: Dissemination and awareness - Phase II: radicalization and legitimization - Phase III: sharing and achievement.

- Phase I: Dissemination and awareness.

As a first step I think that it is necessary to make your Venus Project World Association an NGO (non-governmental organization);
After, it would be necessary to convene with a proper advertising campaign, through the Internet and through word of mouth, the current people of the Venus Project and all those who in the world who do not agree with current the System and have not resigned to accept passively how much is proposed and imposed by the governments of the nations, to a the first global gathering, possibly also to Venus, Florida. To the first global gathering, of high resonance, should be invited also the newspapers, radio and television broadcasting and the web most popular in the world through continuous press releases.

At that time, after the formal signing, both direct and online, of the declaration of willingness to share instances that are the basis of the Venus Project, for an alternative social and a Resource-Based Economy (RSE Resource Based Economy) and approval to the Constituting Charter that enshrines the rights and duties of each, officially proclaim to all present and those connected live stream the birth of the "Sixth Continent": the "Continent of Abundance".
A virtual continent, ideally inhabited by a people who have become aware of their inalienable right to live well their lives their own existence, for this reason, freely expresses and with pride the desire to proclaim himself : CITIZEN OF THE CONTINENT OF THE ABUNDANCE.

- Phase II: radicalization and legitimization.

Once you have created the conditions necessary to be able to count in every nation, every region and every city on the popular reality sensitive to change (not disdaining even a possible, also necessary, valid and adequate political and institutional representation), to reach to the drafting of the Intercontinental Statute of Nations for a New Economy RSE (Resource Based Economy) to be presented to the UN so that the recognition of the need is obtained, expressed by the PEOPLE OF THE CONTINENT OF THE ABUNDANCE, so that their requests are transposed their efforts supported to address socio-economic development. At this point, the diffusion of the RBE Project, supported by the institutional legitimacy from the most important international organization, which is exactly the UN, would acquire a world dimension.

- Phase III: sharing and achievement.  (Click here to continue in second and last page...)

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